Living in a boutique building has always had its advantages, you feel integrated into the community, you know your neighbours as you would on a residential street in a house, and you can almost always enjoy a private elevator ride.

Quite often when home buyers think of condo living and new developments they think of tall high-rise buildings and a vertical city. The Toronto skyline has changed drastically over the last few decades adding sky scraper after sky scraper, but what isn’t obvious when you look at the city’s changing silhouette are the unique infill projects, that blend in with the neighbourhoods of Toronto; the mid-rise boutique buildings.

Our city’s density is becoming so evident more and more consumers are realizing the benefits of living in a mid-rise building. In 2020, while we are currently experiencing a global pandemic and being hyper aware of staying physical distanced, health and safety has never been more of a factor when thinking about where you live. A mid-rise building can offer you elevator rides that are almost always private, you feel safe and secure knowing there are fewer people in your building, less residents are using the amenities than there would be in a high-rise tower, and your living experience has a very neighbourly feel. While the option to always use the stairs is not only a healthier option, it’s also one way to ensure you aren’t interacting with other residents inside the small elevator cabins.

Mid-rise developments will always have a unique buyers interest who specifically choose to live in a smaller building. Baby boomers approaching retirement age is another large driving force behind the mid-rise condo market. These homeowners are used to larger homes, and the thought of downsizing into a vertical city, is not their first choice. They would be looking for an easy transition to a quiet building close to shops and services, reducing the need for a car, and an improvement in a healthy active pedestrian lifestyle.

Unlike the downtown core of towering high-rises, these mid-rise developments are designed to blend into and improve established neighbourhoods. They add to the quality of life for Torontonians through a well thought out built form, and integrating into the existing neighbourhoods they improve. Very few new mid-rise development opportunities remain and there is even less mid-rise inventory within the GTA.

At Fieldgate Urban, our current sites in different development stages are all specialty mid-rise projects, in a variety of in-demand neighbourhoods throughout the downtown core of Toronto.

Steps from The Beaches: Heartwood The Beach

Queen Street East and Woodbine Avenue

6 Storeys, 47 Units

Move In Next Year

In The Heart of Leslieville: The Poet

Queen Street East and Leslie Street

6 Storeys, 76 Suites

Construction Starting Soon

Off the Ossington strip: The Twelve Hundred

Ossington Avenue and Dundas Street West

7 Storeys, 112 Suites

Coming Soon

Minutes to Yonge Street: The ChurchWell

Church Street and Wellesley Street East

Coming Soon

Our goal as a developer is to build in locations that people want to live in, lifestyle communities, close to transit hubs, and in demand areas within the GTA. With an overwhelming amount of choice in Toronto’s new construction, Fieldgate Urban takes pride in our current mid-rise developments, the design of these buildings fitting into existing neighbourhoods and their contribution to street life without compromising the character of established neighbourhoods.

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